Friday, 6 February 2015

when the prank gone wrong

Youtube is full of pranksters going into ghettos harassing people and deliberately getting beaten up for youtube channel views. So the guy who prank gone wrong pulled a gun out on you is lurking somewhere and your still at that the same block? Are you waiting to tell him it was a prank?. Police in Mexico are hunting for a woman who pulled a gun on a group of senior university students who were trying to prank her on the first.
Video: An “In The Hood” Prankster Gets A Gun Pulled On Him. By Nigel D. / 07.09.14 ... Stop The Madness: when the prank gone wrong Pranks “In The Hood”. Posted in General, Videos
This Prank Goes Wrong When The Dude Pulls a GUN. You Know a Prank's Gone BADLY Wrong When You're Staring Down The though when one of the people they prank pulls out a REAL gun!
Police: Pizza Prank Pulled From Jail Cell | The Smoking Gun.

The Smoking Gun Already in police custody, a Kentucky man decided it was the perfect time to prank the police officer who had arrested him for
Frightening Pranks: How Often Does Someone Pull A Gun

when the prank gone wrong She was set up by her father, who didn't know that she carried a gun. Without telling the whole story here, just know she won Scare Tactics.
Now THIS when the prank gone wrong Is How You Pull Off a Star Wars Prank. "Now THIS Is How You Pull Off a Star Wars Prank" and more Where is the when the prank gone wrong video where the surprised citizen pulls his gun and. This is what happens when you try to pull any sort of gun prank in the hood. Watch this group go bonkers at the person who was trying to pull

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